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Building the World of Romeo & Juliet

Updated: Aug 23

Before actors are cast and rehearsals begin, the director and creative team imagine a world that the will support play on the stage. Below are photos of the grayscale model created by Scenic Designer, Kevin Rigdon. Based on the Director's brief to set the play in the late 1960's, Rigdon has created a design with elements that allow the story and the actors to move seamlessly from one location to the next, via three doors, four rolling screens and two benches. The next step in the process is to prepare the painter's elevations for the Scenic Charge, Carroll Dolezol, to follow as she paints the set. You'll see those painter elevations in a future blog installment.

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

Creative Team

Cara Mosier - Producer

Trish Rigdon - Director

Sandra Organ Solis - Dance Choreographer

Tobie Minor - Fight Director

Kevin Rigdon - Scenic and Lighting Design

Kristin Knipp - Costume Design

Phillip Owen - Sound Design

Dylan Byrnes - Assistant Sound Design

Bridget Cook - Hair and Makeup Design

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Verona Square
Capulet Main Hall - Party
Church Interior
The Tomb Interior

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