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The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet opens September 16, 7:30 pm

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Amidst the turbulent unrest, counterculture, civil rights movement, and political divisiveness of the late 1960s, two teens from feuding families unexpectedly find love. But is love really enough to keep them together? Friday and Saturday 7:30 pm and Sunday 2:30 pm through October 9. Follow the Behind the Scenes blog posts in the news section of the homepage and on Facebook and Instagram.

Meet the Cast

1st Row: Sam Beeson as Romeo, Lettie Dyer as Juliet

2nd Row: Ronald Lessane - Lord Capulet, Melinda Ellisor - Queen Eleanor, Mark Webster - Lord Montague, Cousin Capulet, & Peter

3rd Row: Rebecca Wood - Lady Capulet, William Donavan - County Paris & Benvolio, Kristen Hardin-Sigler - Lady Montague, Musician (DJ), & Page to Paris

4th Row: Yancy Bohana - Mercutio, Abraham & 3rd Watchperson, PatrickSebastian - Tybalt & 2nd Watchperson, Roxanne Strobel, Nurse & Goneril

5th Row: Caroline Williams - Bianca (Romeo's Page) & Apothecary, Greg Dew - Friar Lawrence, Guy Martin - Sampson & Chief Watchperson.

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