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A Hill Country


A New Year’s Eve Eve Live Radio Event


End your year on the right note by supporting the continued success of our local theatre. Join us for our original live radio-theatre variety benefit show celebrating life in our little piece of heaven here in the Texas Hill Country.


Featuring humorous LIVE radio-theatre sketches written by local playwrights and punctuated by our own foley (sound effects) artist: 

  • Guy Noir Jr., Private Eye 

  • Life in the Checkout Line

  • Around Town: The Historic Wimberly Game Show 

  • and of course, all the latest news from our small village in The News from Here


Plus musical guests:

  • Jill Jones - Wimberley’s own yodeling singer/songwriter, who appeared on the original A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor

  • The Jazz Messenger Boys - a local grassroots trio


And our special show sponsors:

  • The Non-Profit Committee to Explore the Need for Committees

  • The Wimberley Newcomers Group - Shut the Gate Guild

  • Brutal Brew Pub: Home of the open mic and awfully earnest musicians

  • The Palindrome Partnership: Motto: ‘Where the road ahead looks exactly like the road behind’


All things you loved about A Prairie Home Companion but with a Wimberley twist.


Come dressed in your finest duds for our Bubbles, Brews and Bites intermission and NYEE after party! 


Proceeds from this benefit show will go toward attracting top talent and producing the highest quality shows at the Wimberley Playhouse.


A Hill Country Home Companion

A New Year’s Eve Eve Live Radio Event

December 30  | Wimberley Playhouse


Doors: 6:30pm | Curtain: 7:00pm
45 minutes of Show | 30 minute Bubbles, Brews and Bites Intermission | 45 minutes of Show 

NYEE After Party: 9:00pm


Tickets are $95 per person and include:

 2 drink tickets (cash bar), dessert, hors d'oeuvres and our dynamic show

ONE show ONLY!

We’ll combine stories and performance to commemorate life over the past year and look ahead to 2024 as we ring in the new year! You'll hear the stories of our friends and neighbors who enjoy the simple life and end up living it fully.


Throughout millennia we have had stories. And before the written word there was oral history, word-of-mouth transmitting culture. Stories make us feel connected to one another, and connection is the most human of all intentions, solidifying our relationships, encouraging cooperation and building community.


So too, the power of theatre is rooted in its ability to inspire and connect people through shared experiences. The theater is a space for storytelling and a way to experience ‘story’ in a unique and powerful way. Theatre creates a world that is totally immersive, bringing characters to life, providing a sense of belonging and an understanding of what we have in common. 


Help make A Hill Country Home Companion the first in a series of annual shows. Starting at $350, Become a Sponsor and demonstrate your passion for the arts. You will help cover a portion of the benefit show’s production expenses and make every dollar raised truly count!

Sponsorship Opportunities (download)

Thank you to our sponsors for A Hill Country Home Companion! 

We are grateful for your support of this original live radio-theatre benefit show.


Gold Sponsors:

Drs. Jill Clark and Bob Murtaugh


Silver Sponsors:

Lin and Andrew Weber

Lisa and Art Valentine

Bronze Sponsors:

Roxanne and Mike Strobel


Friends of A Hill Country Home Companion:

Teresa Kendrick & Guy Ben-Moshe

Chick Morgan & Robert Smith

Cynthia Millonzi

Linda Allen

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