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COCO - a family movie for Halloween weekend

A boy named Miguel dreams of becoming a famous guitar player, despite the misgivings of his close-knit family. When his lofty ambitions cause him to run afoul of a curse, he must journey into the Land of the Dead to seek forgiveness from his ancestors.

Back on the big screen at the Wimberley Playhouse parking lot for one night only. Bring the whole family (and your lawn chairs) and don't forget your trick or treat bags because we will have treats for the children (one per child 12 and under as long as supplies last). Full concessions available including soft drinks, popcorn, snacks and adult beverages for parents.

$1 discount per ticket if purchased in combination with Train Ride of Terror. Click "Continue Shopping" on the checkout screen to add other events.

WATCH THE COCO TRAILER NOTE: Trailer will open in a new tab. Click back on this tab to continue purchasing tickets.

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