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Putting Romeo & Juliet Together, Bit by Bit

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

We hope you enjoy these behind the scenes photos of the progress on the Romeo and Juliet set.

The first step in building the set was to cut openings in the back wall of the previous set for three arched doors. The doors will become entrances and exits from the backstage crossover.

Next, Technical Director, Todd Martin, volunteers Scott McBride, Robert Martin, and Production Intern, Dylan Byrnes built the doors from Medium Density Fiber board (MDF) with a layer of bead board on top, and MDF trim.

More fun with MDF. Todd carefully drew out the Mid-century Modern screen design from Scenic Designer, Kevin Rigdon's one-half inch scaled set plans and then cut out the the empty space with a jig-saw.

In the photo to the right, two assembled panels rest at center stage and three doors lean against the upstage, repainted back wall. All of these elements are still a work in progress. Todd, built the bases for the screens while Dylan and volunteers Keith Haney, Robert Martin, and Doug Bynum cut out the rest of the screens. The benches in the foreground are for use in rehearsal until the actual benches can be constructed. Scenic Charge Artist, Carroll Dolezal and her team of volunteer painters covered the walls on stage left and right with silver stars, based on Kevin's one-half inch scale Painter's Elevations. The floor is still from the previous production.

Once all four screens were assembled the upper section was painted to look like wood. Carroll and volunteers painted the bases on one side to look like marble. Todd and the set crew attached privacy screen to the other side of the upper section. On that side the base will be finished with greenery to look like hedges. The four screens will roll on casters to create all the locations in the play. production.

Still to come - stone arches around the door and hexagonal stone tiles on the floor. It's coming together, bit by bit.

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